Student Leadership

We’re leaders of tomorrow, starting today. Our student leadership program is focused on developing leaders who can prompt a positive social change through transformative learning by ensuring the Student leaders are ethical and inclusive fostering collaboration and service.

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Great leadership is where the leader shows the way and follows the way. A great leader should know when to use power when to use influence, when to be visible and when to be invisible.
Being a head girl at the Academy, I have the responsibility to listen to the other student leaders. I get issues facing the students through them and even from the students directly. I am able to address these issues when I have meetings with the specific departments in the school.
I get feedback and I am able to effect my action points. I also take the responsibility to help the school in making sure that the students follow the school policies and that they follow the school rules and values. After my high school studies, I am ready to be a transformational leader in my own space. While at the university, I will take up a leadership position that is available for me. I want to do everything in my power to change the world and make it a more peaceful place.
As a leader, I have learnt that I am not always right. I need to listen to other people and hear what they have to say. I have also learnt how to express myself in front of people and know the right mood and tone to use when addressing different issues. I am sure that this is a skill that is going to help me in all aspects of my life. Working in a team is one of the major things that I have gotten to know. I have come to understand that it is not possible for me to achieve all my goals alone, it is okay to ask for help. Working as a team does not only make the work easier but also improves its quality. I have also mastered that so as to make my team support me in achieving my vision, I have to make them see the vision that I am looking forward to and by this, we shall move towards the same vision.

I encourage the next generation of leaders to go for what they want regardless of the obstacles that they might face. They should be focused and have goals that are in line with their area of focus. They should know that leadership is not all about themselves but also the people around them. I also want to share these words that have always kept me moving, “You should not settle for less just because it’s available’’.

Zennah Zawadi

Great leadership is when those in positions of leadership empower others. Great leadership is also doing what you want others to do because leaders know the way, go the way and show the way. The student council stands as a link between the students and the school administration. Many are times when the students lose trust on the student council because it works like a ‘puppet’ of the school system. With my role as the school head-boy, I have the responsibility of bringing the students’ needs to the school administration. With the frequent meetings that I have with the other council members and fellow students, I get to know the needs of the students and therefore see on how best they can be addressed by the school’s system. The school has also provided an opportunity for consultation whenever a major decision that will affect the lives of the students is to be made. Through different forums, I collect their opinions about the issue at hand and therefore everyone feels part of the decision. This is particularly why my role is very vital in bridging the students’ needs with the school’s system. With the leadership skills that the Academy has natured me with, am working towards becoming the Chief Justice of Kenya before later joining active politics. I do believe that a number of strides have been made in Kenyan leadership but fresh, young and innovative minds are needed for the much required change in the society. My role has all along been a learning experience. Since I was inaugurated, I have learnt that as leaders, there is times when might not have the solution and therefore teamwork is essential. Many people believe that the solutions to all problems lie with the leader. This is inaccurate and team work within the council provides solutions to most problems. Something else I have learnt is best leadership is when you empower others. With my role as the head-boy, I have the opportunity to lead in everything but I have learnt that it is sometimes ok to let others do what you are supposed to do rather just be there for supervision. Through this way, you grow more leaders rather than having followers. My advice to the next generation of leaders would be always be ready to go down to your knees and be humble because it is through this way that your achievements will lift you up. Leadership is based on inspiration, not domination; on cooperation, not intimidation.

Enos Nyanje